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Epoch Energy Technology Corp is the Taiwan-based manufacturer of Oxy-hydrogen gas generators and solar water heaters. We have been engaged in research and development since 1993, with the goal of providing a clean and safe renewable energy source in the face of the growing crises of our polluted planet, as well as, upcoming oil shortages and ever rising fuel prices all over the world. We offer REAL alternative fuel solutions to traditional gas fuels, and our bestseller is Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine, which is the historic, innovative way to remove the carbon deposit from engine.

We always keep a close eye on the overall production process ensuring that international norms of manufacturing are ethically followed. High quality Carbon Cleaning Machine for Cars, EP-350B+ Epoch Energy Technology Corp. supplies with specification and description particularized listed for your reference.

Carbon Cleaning Machine for Cars, EP-350B+

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Carbon Cleaning Machine for Cars

Product Name :

Carbon Cleaning Machine for Cars

Product Introduction :

  • Remove carbon deposits, and lower emissions.
  • Restore engine horsepower and torque.
  • Friction is minimized, so engines run smoother.
  • Optimize combustion efficiency.
  • Increase engine life.
  • Chemical free and non-toxic cleaning method.
  • Winner of 2011 Energy Globe Award.
  • High tech, environment-friendly carbon cleaning solution
  • Technology Panted in 30 countries
  • Taiwan Excellence Award


The engine is ready after normal operating temperature has been reached. The carbon cleaning process takes only 40 minutes. Connect the output from the EP-350B+ to the engine’s intake manifold (vacuum line).

Procedure for performing Engine Carbon Cleaning

Connect the EP-350B+ gas output
to the engine’s intake manifold
  Oxy-Hydrogen ENRICHED
gas enters the engine’s
  Complete combustion loosens
and eliminates carbon deposits

Results of Carbon Cleaning with the Epoch EP-350B+:


EPOCH EP-350B+ Carbon deposit removal test report

Date of test procedure: 2009/6/17
Vehicle: 1994MERCEDES BENZ-C180; Displacement: 1.8L; Kilometers: 95,272
Emission Type Before After 20min After 40min After Emission reduction rate
CO(%) 0.66 0.37 0.38 0.17 74%
HC(ppm) 414 417 145 99 76%
CO2(%) 14.1 14 11.8 14.5 -3%
O2(%) 1.34 1.53 4.16 1 25%
NOx(ppm) 73 89 71 18 75%

(1)Before   (2)After 20min

(3)After 40min   (4)After completion of procedure

Comparison between EPOCH Carbon Cleaning System and traditional methods
  EPOCH Carbon
Cleaning System
Chemical Drip Method Chemical Foam Method
Medium oxy-hydrogen gas chemical additive chemical additive
Procedure time 40mins 30-40mins 30-40mins
Environment Issues None air pollution + waste water waste water
Simple to connect;
the engine runs at idle
The engine runs at idle
while chemical additive
drips into the engine
Complicated and repetitive;
carbon removal incomplete.
Cost (Retail) Carbon Cleaning Process Chemical Drip
Engine oil
Engine oil filter
Chemical Foam
Engine oil
Engine oil filter

  1. Carbon Cleaning using Epoch's Oxy-Hydrogen gas cleans away the carbon build-up efficiently and without mess or harm to the environment.
  2. The results are more low RPM power in a smoother running and more efficient engine.
  3. Carbon reduction results can be seen using a micro-camera, before and after the process.
  4. Different from the traditional carbon reducing methods; no pollution, no harmful gases or chemical additives to harm you, your car or the environment.
  5. Save time and money by using the Epoch EP-350B+ Carbon Cleaning System; increase your business potential, customer base and profits.
After using the EPOCH EP-350B+ ENGINE CARBON CLEANING SYSTEM, carbon build-up is completely cleaned away, engine efficiency is increased, power and performance are restored, life expectancy is improved and engine emissions are reduced.

Specifications :

Model Number EP-350B+
AC Voltage Requirement (V) 220-240
DC Current (A) 8-12
Power Consumption (kW/h) 3.3-6.0
Max. Working Pressure (kg/cm²) 0.5~0.8
Max. Water Consumption (L/h) 0.7
Net Weight (kg) 115
Dimensions - WxDxH (mm) 410*1050*920

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Epoch Energy Technology Corp. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Carbon Cleaning Machine, The Epoch HHybrid Fuel System, Hydrogen Fuel and has sales and marketing offices in Taiwan to serve world-wide customers. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned professional customer, we are here to serve you. Epoch Energy Technology Corp. offers Carbon Cleaning Machine, The Epoch HHybrid Fuel System, Hydrogen Fuel, Oxy-Hydrogen Gas, Oxy-Hydrogen Generators continually to give you unbiased, honest, and accurate information to help you make a right purchasing decision. We look forward to doing business with you and establishing an ongoing relationship.
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