Epoch Energy Technology Corp.

Epoch Energy Technology Corp is the Taiwan-based manufacturer of Oxy-hydrogen gas generators and solar water heaters. We have been engaged in research and development since 1993, with the goal of providing a clean and safe renewable energy source in the face of the growing crises of our polluted planet, as well as, upcoming oil shortages and ever rising fuel prices all over the world. We offer REAL alternative fuel solutions to traditional gas fuels, and our bestseller is Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine, which is the historic, innovative way to remove the carbon deposit from engine.

Oxy-Hydrogen Generators

Being a superior manufacturer and supplier in Energy & Environment industry in Taiwan, Epoch Energy Technology Corp. provides diverse products of Oxy-Hydrogen Generators. Here are detailed information of Oxy-Hydrogen Generators. We invite you to kindly have a look at our vast products & components. We are sure that if you are looking for manufacturer and supplier in Taiwan, it is a good choice to get associated with us and receive best services.

EP- 1000

Heavy Duty Oxy-hydrogen Generator

The EP-1000 is our largest, automated model suitable for large-scale industrial and commercial applications that require high yields.

Applications: Chemical industry, stationary and mobile incinerators, steel-cutting, auto industry, aluminum industry, dual-fuel burners, food processing, electrical appliances manufacturing, air-conditioner industry, boiler industry, heat treatment applications, food preparation, funeral services, etc.
Please contact with us if you are in search of Oxy-Hydrogen Generators, we will reply you as soon as we can. In addition to Oxy-Hydrogen Generators, we also offer high quality Carbon Cleaning Machine, The Epoch HHybrid Fuel System, Hydrogen Fuel. Give us an opportunity to serve you, your company and your customers!