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Words of the Chairman

Words of the Chairman

Words from President Jacky Lin In today's society, everybody enjoys the comfort and convenience of modern transportation. It is hard for us to image a world without cars, trucks and buses. Our economies are tied to the access and ability of efficient transportation of goods, domestically, and internationally. The transportation sector however is responsible for 15% of the world's emissions, and reductions are vital in order for the world to secure a sustainable future. Governments have with good reason, imposed strong emissions regulations making it difficult and expensive for the transportation sector to comply with ever stricter rules.

Increasing transportation costs related to meeting new standards would be directly reflected in virtually every commodity we buy, increasing the possibility of inflation and economic stagnation; making it very difficult for not only the transportation sector to reduce emissions, but also for society as a whole who would bear the burden of higher prices for everything from eggs to new homes. Therefore, it is in everybody's interest to find the most cost-effective way to reduce vehicle emissions.

Epoch's innovative team has developed an emission reduction technology that is cost-effective, making it easy for the transportation sector to comply with current emission standards.

Epoch's revolutionary system uses ordinary soft water and a small amount of electricity in a process that produces a powerful “Oxy-Hydrogen” gas. This Oxy-Hydrogen can be used as a supplemental dual fuel system or for chemical-free cleaning of harmful carbon deposits in your vehicle's engine.

This ground breaking technology will help the transportation sector to lower emissions to meet emission standards without having to scrap their whole fleet for new vehicles. Adding Epoch's HHybrid Fuel SystemR or using our Carbon Cleaning System as part of a routine maintenance program is an easy way to lower emissions to comply with emission standards without breaking the bank. ”