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Product Introduction

Product Introduction

Oxy-Hydrogen Generator

EPOCH Oxy-Hydrogen Generator is the company’s flagship product.

EPOCH Oxy-Hydrogen Generator separates water into a mixed Oxygen and Hydrogen gas. Full working pressure is reached in 20~30 seconds, creating a convenient form of combustible energy due to the flammability of Hydrogen and combustion-supporting nature of Oxygen. Once activated, the transient temperature can reach between 800 to 3,000 degrees centigrade. This can be used extensively for cutting steel, welding, brazing, and heat treating. EPOCH’s oxy-hydrogen generators are perfect wherever a flame is required, from small applications to large industrial incinerators. We can effectively eliminate the transportation and explosion risks, high costs, high energy consumption and incomplete combustion that are associated with traditional gas fuel, such as propane, LPG and acetylene. The fuel created by Oxy-Hydrogen Generators comes from ordinary soft, filtered water, and a small amount of electricity. In the event of un-burnt gas, the dispersed Oxygen and Hydrogen will naturally diffuse into the atmosphere and cause no harm or pollution to the environment or people. Since our fuel is available on demand, no storage is required, which effectively eliminates explosion risk. When burned, the only bi-product is water vapor, making our fuel totally renewable, causing no depletion of limited resources from the earth. EPOCH’s oxy-hydrogen gas is most economical, 1 cc of water can produce 1700 cc of Oxygen/Hydrogen mixed gas!

The EP-2000 Mobile Biohazard Purification System

EPOCH’s EP-2000 Mobile Biohazard Purification System is a recently developed, heavy-duty innovation developed using our Oxy-Hydrogen Generators, where a high-temperature Oxy-Hydrogen flame is used to perform highly efficienct biohazard purification tasks in a completely self-contained mobile platform, capable of handling contagious virus/media locally. Traditionally, infectious waste is transported to an incinerator plant for processing, posing health risks during transportation. However, the EP-2000 can be quickly dispatched wherever needed. Our technology is different from common mobile incinerators in that its ultra-clean fuel and superior filtration system virtually eliminates not only the infectious material, but without harming the environment. The most significant implication of the Mobile Biohazard Purification System is that it is like a fire engine for extinguishing epidemics. Instead of reacting to the spread of disease outbreaks; highly contagious epidemics such as SARS and Bird Flu can be stopped at the source. When not being used in emergency situations, the EP-2000 can be used for handling a variety of waste and refuse. Major applications of the EP-2000 include incineration and elimination of media related to SARS and Bird Flu epidemics, hospital and medical waste treatment, and case-specific waste treatment for communities, factories, military compounds, and campuses.

Vacuum-tube Solar Water-heater

EPOCH’s Vacuum-tube Solar Water-heater is the only solar water heater to be awarded the GreenMark (Nos. 03747, 03748) issued by the Taiwan EPA and MOEA; EPOCH is also the licensed manufacturer and supplier of this product, as issued by Bureau of Energy, MOEA in the promotion of solar energy water heaters. EPOCH Vacuum-tube Solar Water-heaters use highly efficient, advanced, impact-resistant mineral glass vacuum tubes for heat collection, and can qualify for government subsidies in many areas. EPOCH has also setup Energy Life Showrooms at the industry leading TsannKuen 3C locations all over Taiwan, which offer direct sales of this product.

Solar Technology Products

Solar Technology Products include high-quality, low-priced solar streetlights and solar garden lights. The Energy Life Showrooms also exhibit and sell these EPOCH Solar Technology Products (small-scale solar-powered garden lights, decorative lights, lawn lights, festival lights, chargers, bicycle headlights, and even solar-powered toy cars). 154 of EPOCH’s solar streetlights are brilliantly lighting the Tainan HSR Station.