Company Profile
Registered as EPOCH Energy Technology Corporation on August 13, 2001, EPOCH is dedicated to designing, and manufacturing alternative energy solutions that protect our environment. Our main product line, EPOCH Oxy-Hydrogen Generators, are enjoying rapid growth in the industrial sector for steel-cutting, welding and brazing, boiler and burner applications as a substitute for traditional acetylene, propane, LPG and other fuel oils. On the commercial side, our engines Carbon Cleaning Systems are seeing unprecedented interest from around the world as the most affordable and environmentally friendly method for restoring engine performance while lowering emissions. In addition, EPOCH carries an extensive line of solar energy products, including lighting, chargers, energy packs, PV Cells; and our extremely efficient vacuum-tube solar water heaters.

Adhering to the spirit of “creating a cleaner environment around the world and promoting sustainable energy solutions”, EPOCH actively strives to develop green-energy products based on our Oxy-Hydrogen Generators and solar energy products. Through active R&D, we are expanding into new international markets, establishing global distribution networks, and striving to provide the highest quality products and customer service to the world. We also hope to be the primary example to the world of Taiwan’s green energy industry development. With versatile, competitive products and services, we are becoming one of the foremost important green energy organizations around the globe.